Our Approach

Kvantum brings the most sophisticated math packaged in the best technology solution & supported by awesome story telling.

Kvantum combines most aspects of typical MMO, SEM, time series and machine learning driven digital attribution based analysis such that a single unified methodology can provide marketing performance analytics at the granularity of an ad unit/placement in real time.

Kvantum’s 3C Marketing Performance Analysis Framework


Rapid Read

  • Pulse check of marketing performance. Cost effective at scale & provides capability for rolling out a uniform measurement approach globally.

In-flight Optimization

  • Measure the effectiveness of a channels & media tactics during the campaign? Within 4-8 weeks of the campaign start date, start measuring performance to optimize and course correct during the campaign.

Post-hoc Analysis

  • Analyze the campaigns for specific hypothesis based on past 2+ years of data. Usually this would cover topics that traditional MMO (Media Mix Optimization) would not cover.

Multi Channel Attribution

  • Determine the value of each customer touch point leading to a conversion online or offline. Every business is different and therefore we build the multi channel attribution model based on your data.

Investment in Emerging Channels

  • Test, learn and adapt to emerging media platforms, ad partners and new markets while the campaign is in-flight through a rapid measurement, iteration and feedback cycle.

Channel Deep Dive

  • Analyze digital & non-digital channels at tactical level (publisher, keywords, referrers, FB post/comment, daypart, themes, creatives, etc.) to optimize marketing performance at a product, sub-product & retailer specific level.

Voice of Consumers

  • Integrate intelligence from voice of consumers into overall marketing measurement to  create relevant messages, campaigns and overall strategy to improve engagement & brand favorability.

Consumer Journey Paths

  • Know which channels constitute the purchase path specific to a particular consumer segment or a consumer depending on the demand of business.

Lifetime values

  • Based on the customer life time value, optimize the promotions to a particular consumer segment or a consumer depending on the demand of business.

Our Differentiators

We are constantly investing in building models for existing/emerging advertising & consumer promotions channels.

Voice of Consumer Driven Marketing Measurement

All of the existing products/solutions in the market simply rely on media metrics, click stream and sales data to develop marketing mix or attribution models. All these models are unable to monitor and respond to dynamic voice of consumer.

All our models and media optimization recommendations incorporate ongoing voice of consumer trends derived from the client’s & its competitor’s social media presence to enable a real time feedback and planning of media spend.

Top-down + Bottom-up Convergence in Optimization

Most of the marketing performance measurement market claims convergence of top-down marketing mix & bottom-up attribution to achieve a uniform set of numbers that reflect marketing performance.

However, developing optimized spend plans and then executing these with always-on feedback is still disconnected. Our tools & methodology is the first in the industry which leverages a universal, combined model for top-down & bottom-up attribution, as well as optimization & campaign decision support.

Agility At Scale

Through our data management and machine learning based marketing performance analytics platform we scale to our client’s needs rapidly. We routinely deploy and support multi-brand clients across North America, APAC & Latin America to establish a universal, always on capability to measure marketing performance.

Econometric modeling is not used to full potential today and is also not priced well. We truly exploits the econometric modeling with machine learning to make it cost-effective.


We provide on premise appliance or a cloud based solution based on client’s need. We can also deploy the solution on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or any other client specific environment. We supported product through marketing science & analytics consulting teams.

Kvantum enables incremental additions of data sources in ad-hoc manner.  Kvantum can incorporate heuristics (old marketing mix reports etc.) to initiate the models.

Predictive Accuracy

We beat most industry benchmarks in predictive accuracy on statistical fit criteria. We can measure the incremental effect within 2 weeks of after initial spend (with 95% confidence)

Modeling Innovation & Testing

We perform specific a/b test in modeling methodology to verify certain elements of the model and share the modeling approach & variables with the client (if needed)

Key Questions We Answer

At Kvantum, we believe in answering specific questions that you might have related to marketing, business, channels, consumers, campaigns at strategic or tactical level. Here are the sample questions:

  • Does more geographically targeted Online Display Ad (OLA) outperform geographically targeted Online Display Video (OLV) in terms of sales and ROI?
  • What performs well – Geo targeted OLA (weather.com) or Highly targeted display ads at Wal-Mart, Target, Meijer, Kroger and Peadpod.com in Top 20 Food markets?
  • How did Hispanic OLA/OLV perform vs. non-Hispanic ? Did it drive increased Hispanic sales?
  • Can we get volume of searches by search term and which terms are actually driving to sales?
  • There has been a switch in Paid Search from Branded to Category in the later part of 2014 and continued through Q1’ 15. What strategy performs better? Are ROI’s trending up?
  • How is social media driving overall net sales and how does this compare by platform (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.)?
  • How valuable is paid social vs. organic social?
  • How is Crowdtap & other Brand Fan platform performing?
  • Instagram has low cost per follower, should we be increasing investment on it?
  • Quantify the value of a substantial follower base on Facebook vs. Twitter and its impact on Instagram?
  • What is a better spend, OLA via the Trading desk (TD) or OLA with our digital partners?
  • Based on the premise that TD is so efficient, why don’t we always use TD?
  • Performance of Premium Partnerships/Networks vs. everything else in Trading Desk
  • Compare the performance of digital and mobile coupons for two different brands?
  • Did higher coupon value posts drives higher ROI as compared to lower coupon value?
  • Does layering of coupons bring any positive impact to sales?
  • Does Revtrax coupon performs better than SES Revtrax digital coupon in terms of ROI?
  • How much ROI a lower value “social sharing coupon” delivers as compared to higher value coupon on website?
  • What is more effective: website couponing or couponing through coupon partners such as coupons.com?
  • Compare the effectiveness and performance of Ibotta coupons for different face values across time periods?
  • Does face-value impact performance of an Ibotta coupon?
  • Does Ibotta drive higher sales than CheckOut51?
  • Does Ibotta provide higher saleslift and ROI as compared to other consumer promotions channels?
  • Which channel performs better – Digital Coupon, DFSI and Ibotta?
  • Coverage around time of any launch event for a brand increases coupon downloads on its website.
  • Did the mention of net down price has any impact on the effectiveness of the blogging channel?
  • Does Influencer led digital content drives higher ROI than brand led content?
  • Does partnering with top influencers help in driving high ROI for PR channel?
  • Does PR call-outs / blog mentions bring any positive impact to a brands sales?
  • How does sponsored posts perform on the blogs via influencer platform such as Linqia?
  • How does the social media followers help in driving more incremental sales on PR channel?
  • What does the website contribute to the performance of other marketing channels?
  • How can website investment influence overall ROI in the long run?
  • From our website, is there any correlation between higher consumer reviews/scores and sales trends?
  • Incremental sales from website w.r.to Mobile vs. desktop activity
  • How are a particular category (like baby care, natural food, or sparkling water) of brands’ emails performing? Are the results better compared to last quarter or year?
  • Re-launched CRM Program in October ‘14. Is email more effective now vs. prior periods? What are the KPIs that drive incremental sales?
  • How valuable are email communications in overall marketing mix and what are they driving – Sales, Brand Awareness, Cross-channel impact?
  • Performance of mobile display media as compared to desktop digital display media?
  • Is the app download the correct KPI for the incremental sales generated from a mobile app?
  • What are the best channels (CRM, social, etc.) to leverage to get the word out on web videos?
  • Performance by Partner websites for take-overs video ads. Does the ROI pay out?
  • $1MM of Paid Social has been cut to fund additional print and other CP activity – what’s the potential impact on Digital performance?
  • What is the increment sales impact on in-store & ecommerce sales due to social media crisis on a top selling brand?
  • Quantify the cross channel synergies between media and consumer promotions.
  • How do Broadcast Radio, Digital Radio, and in-store Radio impact the sales driven by marketing?
  • Is there any impact of Online Display and Radio on Paid Social channel performance?
  • Which print magazine between Shape and Rachael Ray perform better?
  • Is there any synergistic impact of Radio on Facebook?
  • What is the ROI of out-of-home (OOH) events?
  • Are overlays less effective unless mentioned on blogs layered with other tactics?
  • How did FSI perform compared to Shelftalk in-store?
  • How much incremental sales are being driven by in-store display trade activities?
  • How much volume did the incremental trade activity in Grocery drive?
  • Did TV had any cross channel impact of TV on digital media effectiveness?
  • Does TV has any positive impact on the website traffic?
  • Understand the TV saturation levels on a weekly basis as well as the fatigue associated with continous airing of Ads.
  • What role does TV play in driving ROI for paid search channel?
  • Which TV (Satellite, Cable and Spot TV) performs better for General & Hispanic TV markets for each campaign?
  • Which TV day part (early news, late news, early fringe, day time, prime, late night) performs better for 10s, 15s, 30s and 60s spot?

How Do We Onboard

We are your full-service partner and trusted advisor. Through the Kvantum Marketing Performance Analytics platform  we enable our clients (analytics, marketing & finance) solve the hard problems of measuring the marketing to reveal true ROI that drives growth. At Kvantum, we don’t just drop off software and leave, rather we support you throughout the journey to ensure your success.

The Kvantum team has consulting in its DNA— We’ve worked with progressive marketers and seasoned analytics professionals from leading brands around the world. And it would be our pleasure to work with you, too.


Know the Brand

  • Stakeholders
  • Industry/Category Trends
  • KPIs, Hypothesis
  • Optimization Goals
  • Ongoing Tests
  • Campaign Brief

Collect Data

  • Data Catalog (Sources, Frequency)
  • Data Stakeholders
  • Data connectors – DFA, Facebook, Twitter, web analytics, etc.
  • Custom data connectors (CRM, etc)
  • Tagging (if required)

Validate Data

  • Dashboards based summarization of input data
  • Hypothesis development & tracking
  • Identify additional data sources

Develop Models

  • Develop & fine tune models
  • Review Variables (for custom models)
  • Validation of model outcomes
  • Dashboard based availability of model outcomes

Verify Outcomes

  • Call support provided to work through outcomes via dashboard
  • In-person walkthroughs for clients with larger scope of work
  • Finalize Dashboard configuration/set up


  • Access to online visualization tool (Kvantum Element)
  • Access to online optimization tool (Kvantum Evolve)
  • Executive Presentation provided to clients with larger scope of work

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