Well known Household Brand Improves Brand Positioning by optimal pricing, promotions & key marketing channels selection

A Leading Kitchen & Outdoor Waste Bags Brand saw a pricing increase in its category across all brands and needed to understand how this pricing increase along with increased marketing & consumer promotions were going to affect the overall product portfolio performance.  The brand turned to Kvantum for its marketing mix modeling & digital channel deep dive capabilities to provide key insights to help them better plan the media and campaigns for next year.

In this case study you’ll learn:

  • The specific questions the brand wanted to understand about its category and competition
  • The channels that were driving the most profit and what specific tactics should be used to better allocate media spend for future campaigns
  • The implications of the pricing change for the brand and Kvantum’s recommendations on how to improve performance

Tags: Private Label Brands, Competitive Pricing, Category Growth


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