Campaign Optimization

Your marketing is agile. Is your measurement agile? Start measuring & optimizing campaigns in-flight.

“Having a measurement partner like Kvantum, provides confidence to our Agency & Brand teams when they try new kind of channels & marketing strategy. Kvantum provided us timely insights into the program’s performance and helped us reduce the spend on non-performing ads.”

Senior Director

Integrated Media Planning

In-flight Campaign Optimization

  • Measure the effectiveness all advertising and consumer promotions channels on an ongoing weekly or daily basis.
  • Track the effectiveness of each campaign on brand favorability and sales impact during the campaign in-flight.
  • Identify the best creatives, placements, posts, influencers or target audiences which respond the most to the campaign themes. Identify voice of consumer whitespaces which have an impact on sales or media metrics, but are not being targeted by the campaign.

Retailer Specific Campaign Optimization

  • Measure campaigns specific to a market area irrespective of the size of the market. Measure campaign effectiveness for each of the 200+ market areas defined by TVB at a channel, sub-channel and tactic level.
  • For a brand, measure and optimize campaigns for specific retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Target, Walgreens and Krogers

Paid & Organic Social Media Impact

  • Evaluate the impact of a campaign on social media conversations and voice of consumer on a hourly, daily and weekly basis.
  • Incorporate voice of consumer feedback in further refining the media buying tactics, and targeting strategies.

Programmatic Media & Consumer Promotions

  • Integrate programmatic media buying with campaign optimization API to seamlessly & autonomously provide feedback to the media buying algorithms based on attribution and commercial metrics.
  • Integrate programmatic consumer promotions with campaign optimization API to determine the offer level and offer value in real time

In-flight campaign optimization targeted toward specific outcomes like conversion, revenue, profitability, brand awareness.


Based on our analysis for an apparel retail client, we identified at least 20 – 25 weeks during a year where the media spend was not optimal. By reallocating the same budget across channels differently would have increased the ROI by at least 50%, which translates in additional $50M revenue per year for the brand.

Questions We Answer

  • How did the Nestle IRC campaign perform compared to the Pillsbury campaign at a particular Retailer?
  • How do the change in content of messaging/engagement actions for a campaign affects the ROI/Effectiveness?
  • How have Retailer specific marketing campaign performed during three key shopping seasons – Cold n Flu, Timely Care and Back to school ?
  • Measure the impact of PR/Blog on sales across different markets at a campaign level?
  • What is the halo impact of one campaign on other campaigns running simultaneously?
  • What is the incremental impact of a product campaign on complementary product’s sales volume?
  • Which channel performed best during back to school (BTS) campaign?
  • Would relevant PR event for a brand increase the number of Coupon downloads associated to a particular campaign?

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