Kvantum, Inc.

Kvantum enables agile marketing & consumer analytics through our real time attribution and optimization technology. We combine top down marketing mix modeling with bottom up customer level attribution modeling. We have one of the fastest time to market, or time to ROI for our customers. We can establish and operationalize our solution in 4 weeks or less.



Our product can include any number of data sources at any point in time and add ad-hoc sources of data incrementally. No need to harmonize the data. Our product does it all.

Hundreds of TB of Data Computed



We combine the Machine Learning and Econometric thinking to identify key data attributes and build models. You do not need any statistician or data scientist to run these models on scale in big data environment.

200Bn+ Ad Impressions Analyzed



We provide a full service solution. Our product continuously monitors the data, identifies trigger events and generates insights, while our team of analysts adds the business context to provide ongoing actionable insights.

$3Bn+ Sales Attributed




Self-Serve Tools
We provide self-serve tools for your brand and agency analysts to analyze the marketing data and model outcomes. Data analysts can also leverage the Kvantum data science platform to build & test custom models.

Interactive Dashboards
The dashboard provides an overall, accurate insight into the marketing strategy of a company. Daily snapshot of your marketing spend, incremental sales attribution, and key marketing KPIs will be at your fingertips. A real-time feed of facts, insights and recommendation that deliver an in depth understanding of the performance of various marketing channels and campaigns.

Scenario Planning
This tool provides an opportunity to build various scenarios that include the current budget, a recommended budget and their respective outcomes along with a detailed channel break up to optimize the media mix. We provide short-term as well as long-term recommendations.

In-Depth Channel Analytics
This tool gives marketers an opportunity to view their overall marketing budget, the value and ROI obtained from each channel that they invest in. You can obtain in-depth information about each channel (paid or earned media) that you invest in, allowing you to see the value provided by the channel alone and by its interactions with other channels.




Conduct a Pilot

We conduct a pilot /POC to demonstrate the value. It helps us understand the most optimal fit of our product within the organization and its existing tools & processes. We determine the nature of full-service solution for our product.


Manage & Compute Data

We collect (automated & manual feeds) data from hundreds of sources. Thousands of variables, esp. when you include social & web channels, are transformed to remove statistical anomalies. We can incorporate your existing MMO study outcomes.


Model Development & Learning

We bring significant marketing science expertise with hundreds of pre-built models. We use a combination of machine learning models & analysts experience to identify a set of models that capture the relationships between marketing outcomes (Sales, ROI, Brand Awareness) and marketing drivers specific to your business, market, location, product category, and consumer segment over a period of time.


Facts, Insights & Recommendations

Our models are truly sensitive to changes in data attributes and therefore we captures strong as well as weak signals generated through the ongoing campaigns. Our team of business analysts add the relevant context to these signals and provide you timely insights & actionable recommendations to maximize the value that marketing can bring to business.


Real-time Monitoring and Optimization

We establish real-time monitoring (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly) and optimization process as per organization’s readiness to implement the recommendations.


Kvantum’s mission is to build Computational Intelligence to amplify human intelligence.

We have a team of dedicated business analysts, data scientists, developers, designers, engineers, and researchers who have joined us from top colleges in India and US. Collectively, we have built a cutting edge data science platform that enables sophisticated marketing attribution technology.